As the surrounding suburbs of the GTA core continue to expand, so does their food scene. We tend to see downtown Toronto as the premier destination for cafes and restaurants. It also doesn’t help that various websites such as blogTO have an obvious bias towards food establishments located in downtown when constructing their “best of” lists. However, true foodies know that to find the REAL gems and restaurants that would normally top any best of list, you have to venture outside the downtown core. This is not to say that restaurants in downtown are bad per se – just that the surrounding cities and suburbs have stepped up their game tremendously!

Today’s post will highlight and focus on dessert spots specifically in Markham. The 905 has become an amazing destination for diverse and global cuisines; and the various Asian-inspired dessert shops there are one of a kind. Keep reading to see which ones you should visit the next time you go North of Steeles.

Love Gelato (75 Main Street Markham S, Markham, ON L3P 1L4)

First up is Love Gelato – an authentic and adorable little gelato shop on Main St. in Markham. This is great for a quiet date or for kids and the entire family. We ordered pistachio and mango flavored gelato which did not disappoint! The wall of love where customers wrote on sticky notes is also a great touch.


Sweet Esc (30 Gibson Dr #120, Markham, ON L3R 8B5)

Next we have Sweet Esc – a small dessert cafe that specializes in serving waffles, brownies, and more on a hot plate. Customers are able to pick the ice cream and sauce flavours as the sauce comes separately which can then be poured onto the hot place (P.S. this makes for a great Instagram video!).


Yummy Yummy Ice Cream (B20 4300 Steeles Ave E. Markham, ON L3R 0Y5)

Yummy Yummy is part of the recent food trend taking Toronto by storm: Thai rolled ice cream! It’s tucked away inside Pacific Mall and serves up fresh Thai inspired ice cream. Its simple – pick a flavour and toppings and watch them roll it right in front of you. This is a great place to visit if you want to experience this food trend and avoid the lineups at other downtown spots.


Wooffles & Cream  (8360 Kennedy Road #81, Markham, ON L3R 9W4)

I had to save the best for last because no trip to Markham is complete without grabbing some matcha soft serve on a freshly baked Hong Kong style egg waffle at Wooffles & Cream. Located inside the New Kennedy Square food court, the lineup can get long especially at peak times but it is worth it! Avoid the overhyped Bang Bang and come here instead. While I usually stick with the same order (matcha soft serve with chocolate chip waffle), they have a growing menu with some unique waffle creations.


Let me know in the comments below your must-try dessert shops and I’ll be sure to visit them next time!


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