Toronto’s iconic skyline.

Photographed by thousands every day – whether they’re a tourist, a professional photographer, or a local who catches that glimpse of the CN Tower peeking through. Ask any Torontonian with an iPhone or DSLR in hand and we can proudly tell you we’re obsessed with getting that perfect skyline shot wherever we may be.

While it’s no New York, Paris, or Tokyo, the Toronto skyline is synonymous with the city’s identity. Now, in Toronto, we are definitely lucky in having a couple of great vantage points of the skyline. I had a chance this summer to revisit some old classic spots as well discover a few new ones (don’t worry, no trespassing took place!). So, enjoy these views from the 6 and comment below if I missed any cool ones.

1) Kensington Market garage – find this spot atop the cheap parking lot on Kensington Avenue.

Tip: climb up the stairs to the highest level.


2) Humber Bay Park – this is a popular spot for anyone out in the west end of the city.

Tip: walk out onto the rocks nestled along the water for that perfect photo; go during sunset!


3) Riverdale Park – located on Broadview avenue, Riverdale Park is the perfect place to go for a run, soccer game, or bike ride.

Tip: parking along the side street is free!



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