With fall fast approaching, I can’t be the only one who’s reminiscing about summertime adventures. Even though I’m constantly on the hunt for new and unique things to do in the city, there are a few staples that we always go back to each year. One of those summer staples is definitely heading down to the CNE at the end of August.

The Canadian National Exhibition has been a longstanding staple in Toronto. Marking the end of summer, Torontonians have been descending to The Ex at downtown’s Princes Gates Blvd. for 138 years now. CNE has become an annual tradition for me in the last few years. While the deep-fried food creations get crazier and more extravagant every year, the fair does an excellent job of having something for everyone. Whether it’s the games and rides, the various stalls and shops for shopping, or performances, a day at the Exhibition is usually jam-packed.

This year I had the chance to attend CNE to try out some (not-so-weird) good food, as well as attending the heated Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact (401 derby) match at the newly renovated BMO Field located on the grounds. Fun fact: if you purchase tickets to a TFC game or concert at Molson Amphitheatre that is scheduled while the Exhibition is going on, you also get free admission by showing your match and/or show ticket!

Check out some of my snaps below!


We started off the day with some deep-fried goodness from Dutch Frites. Not only were these delicious but the value can’t be beat. Regular CNE-goers will know that a lot of the “creations” tend to be overpriced but these fries have become our go-to!


The atmosphere at the game was crackling since the very beginning. It’s always exciting when these two crosstown rivals go head to head. Not to mention some bad blood since TFC were eliminated by the Impact during the MLS playoffs last year.


A little waffle icecream sandwich never hurt anybody right?! These tend to melt suuuper quick due to the heat but the combination of the hot waffle with the cold ice cream is perfect for those summer nights at The Ex.


As terrified as I am of heights, somehow I was convinced to go on the Sky Ride and what do you know.. I actually enjoyed it. The lines are long but I recommend trying it out (at least once) for those sweeping views of the Exhibition. The colourful lights definitely don’t hurt. 🙂


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