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My goal with TORSCAPES has always been to highlight and feature the best of Toronto but in Southern Ontario, we’re lucky enough to be able to travel to many cool cities that are just a few hours away! Summer is definitely not complete without at least one weekend spent in Montreal. With the influx of tourists visiting Toronto from all over the world, we have the perfect getaway to Montreal (just a 6 hour drive) to enjoy great food, museums, culture, and sights.

Any weekend getaway to Montreal can usually be planned last minute or well in advance depending on one’s preference. Here are some of my personal pointers and favourite places to hit up each time I’m in the city.


Quebec is known for creating and having the best poutine so there was no doubt that this is the first point on this list. La Banquise tends to be everyone’s go to (locals and tourists alike). Open till 5 am, this is a must for every club-goer in downtown. Avoid the long lines and head to Poutineville on Rue Ontario instead! Poutines here can be customized but the traditional with simple cheese curds and vegan gravy will not disappoint.











2) Head to Old Montreal

The Old Montreal and Old Port area are areas of the city filled with years of history and culture as it is the oldest area of Montreal. With a quintessential European city vibe, walking along the cobblestone streets, an entire day can be dedicated to exploring it. Visit the assortment of shops, stores, and cafes along the port and enjoy family friendly or romantic activities.

3) Discover the architecture

Known for its iconic and breathtaking architecture, Montreal has the perfect blend of the old and the new, the modern with the vintage and something for everyone to appreciate. Stroll along downtown Montreal and Plateau Mont Royal to discover the many unique buildings scattered along the city’s hotspots. Head to the Concordia and McGill University campuses where the school’s buildings throughout the city’s downtown area and university quarters are absolutely gorgeous.


Montreal City Hall in Old Montreal

Let me know in the comments below what you love about Montreal and I’ll be sure to add it to my list for things to do on the next visit!


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