The diversity and multiculturalism  of Toronto is renowned world-wide and is also something I’ve touched upon in this blog. With people hailing from so many different countries from across the globe that now call this city home, we are tremendously lucky in being able to interact with and learn about different cultures and traditions. And food has always been one of the key visible representations of how people of different international backgrounds can coexist peacefully and spread a positive image in this city. Not only does this add a unique element to Toronto’s diverse array of multicultural restaurants but also draws in locals and tourists in discovering and trying various international cuisines.

During the early stages of my “foodie” journey, I quickly realized that trying new cuisines from different countries of the world was a huge passion of mine. This has played a major role in me being drawn to the incredibly diverse restaurants and shops we have in Toronto that draw inspiration from and seek to introduce people to global cuisines. Many have been opened by people who originally came to Canada as immigrants and opened up a small business. Although I’ve been lucky to try dishes that are mainstays in countries all over, the following few restaurants are places that I continue to go back to because of their hospitality, taste, and amazing creations! I recommend everyone to check them out if you’re feeling adventurous and are eager to experiment with new cuisines!


Udupi Palace: South Indian vegetarian; specializes in dosas

Tip: try the potato stuffed dosas for that extra kick!


Naan & Kabob: Middle Eastern & Afghan; specializing in grilled kebabs

Tip: order the mantu (right) to share; these are minced beef dumplings!


Gourmet Malaysia: specialize in South East Asian (Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian) dishes

Tip: definitely for spicy food lovers but the fried rice (with an egg on top) and chilli chicken are the perfect combo!


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