Discovering Toronto’s Multicultural Food Scene

The diversity and multiculturalism¬† of Toronto is renowned world-wide and is also something I've touched upon in this blog. With people hailing from so many different countries from across the globe that now call this city home, we are tremendously lucky in being able to interact with and learn about different cultures and traditions. And…Read more Discovering Toronto’s Multicultural Food Scene


Montreal Travel Tips: From a Torontonian

My goal with TORSCAPES has always been to highlight and feature the best of Toronto but in Southern Ontario, we're lucky enough to be able to travel to many cool cities that are just a few hours away! Summer is definitely not complete without at least one weekend spent in Montreal. With the influx of…Read more Montreal Travel Tips: From a Torontonian

Exploring North of Steeles – The Best Dessert in Markham

As the surrounding suburbs of the GTA core continue to expand, so does their food scene. We tend to see downtown Toronto as the premier destination for cafes and restaurants. It also doesn't help that various websites such as blogTO have an obvious bias towards food establishments located in downtown when constructing their "best of"…Read more Exploring North of Steeles – The Best Dessert in Markham

Toronto Summer Traditions – CNE!

With fall fast approaching, I can't be the only one who's reminiscing about summertime adventures. Even though I'm constantly on the hunt for new and unique things to do in the city, there are a few staples that we always go back to each year. One of those summer staples is definitely heading down to…Read more Toronto Summer Traditions – CNE!

The Best Lookout Spots in Toronto

Toronto's iconic skyline. Photographed by thousands every day - whether they're a tourist, a professional photographer, or a local who catches that glimpse of the CN Tower peeking through. Ask any Torontonian with an iPhone or DSLR in hand and we can proudly tell you we're obsessed with getting that perfect skyline shot wherever we…Read more The Best Lookout Spots in Toronto